What People Say

We in David’s family have always been truly grateful for Carol Mitchell’s love and concern for my brother, David. This love motivated Carol many years ago to work toward providing a special, caring place for him and those persons like him needing support. Verland exists because of Carol and her friends, and their commitment to do whatever it takes to make a good home for persons with severe intellectual disabilities, who require special help and love.  The dedication of caring employees, the friendly and beautiful environment and the support of relatives, friends, board members and community all add to the success of Verland. It is, indeed, a blessed place for the individuals.                                                                                     -Susan Tresch Smart


When parents have the heartbreak of a child with intellectual disabilities born to them to take care of and raise, one of their greatest anxieties is planning for their child’s development and knowing that when necessary, he will be provided a safe place to live where he will be treated with love, dignity and respect.

When my child Andrew Hanzel was born in 1953 and for the 19 years of his life, there was no place like Verland! I, and all parents of children with  intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities, are deeply grateful to the founders of Verland and to Carol B. Mitchell’s leadership for making it possible ‘for the least of the these among us’, our children, to live in such beautiful, comfortable surroundings with such compassionate and caring staff such as provided by Verland.                                                                                                                                                          -Theo Hanzel O’Neil

The Pittsburgh area is blessed with many outstanding nonprofit organizations, especially those that provide services to people with disabilities. Verland Foundation stands out even among that great group.


In my work, I have the opportunity to visit many nonprofits. The people of Verland are driven by their hearts in providing service, and driven by their brains in taking care of the business and financial aspects of operating a successful organization. That’s what makes a great nonprofit!


The true dedication of the staff starts at the top. Carol Mitchell leads an organization that provides the best possible homes and services to its clients so that they can enjoy rich and full lives. It’s all about serving humanity, and recognizing that all of us, with or without disabilities want to live in a comfortable and safe home where we feel we are part of a family.
That’s Verland!                                                                                          -Bob Connolly, Director of the Massey Charitable Foundation