How to Apply for Services

The Verland Foundation Inc. is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with severe/profound intellectual disabilities. On our Sewickley Campus, we offer residential placement for 94 individuals (ICF/MR). In addition, we have an Adult Training Facility (ATF) on our campus. We also have more than 40 Community Living Arrangement homes strategically placed in various counties in southwestern Pennsylvania.
Verland accepts applications for admission from persons with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disabilities, autism, and developmental disabilities, as well as those with related conditions. People with such related conditions do not have a primary diagnosis of intellectual disabilities: rather, they have diagnoses of cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, closed head injury, brain injury, or other disabling conditions.
The majority of people living in Verland homes are usually funded by the United States government through its Medicaid Program. There are certain financial criteria that determine eligibility which can be obtained by contacting Verland's Social Worker, Marianne Blumenschein at 412-741-2375 Ext. 1318, or
Verland maintains a waiting list for all persons desiring our services. Every effort is made to place people in a timely fashion, and careful consideration is given to assist families requiring immediate placement.
Verland is known for accepting individuals with the most challenging of conditions. If you or your family wish to discuss your needs and concerns in this regard, please feel free to call Vickie Buzzelli, Verland's Health Services Director.
We are here to support you in any way possible, regardless of the time of your loved one's admission. Whether or not we have an immediate opening at Verland, our dedicated staff will assist you by exploring every available option. Our role as a professional provider entails supporting families in their time of need, regardless of the outcome. Never doubt that we understand that our primary role is to be your ally.

We Welcome All Inquiries

The following current information is needed for referrals:

  • Medical History
  • Psychological History
  • Educational History
  • Copy of IEP (if available)
  • Copy of ISP (if available)

Those requesting our services must complete a Data Intake Sheet.  You can obtain this form by contacting Verland's Social Worker Marianne Blumenschein at 412-741-2375 Ext. 1318 or
Before they select a home, we encourage families and their child or sibling to tour several of our homes to fully appreciate the extraordinary quality of family life and personal dignity that exists at Verland.

We invite you to call us at (412) 741-2375 to arrange your personal visit.